Love Compatibility Questionnaire

A love compatibility questionnaire helps an individual to know whether he or she is compatible with their partner or not. It also helps in understanding whether a certain person loves us or not or whether we actually love them. This type of questionnaire is also used by couples in a relationship to check whether they are compatible for marriage.

Sample Love Compatibility Questionnaire:

Name: _____________

Sex: ______________

Date of birth: ________

1. Do you and your partner agree on similar decisions?

a) Yes, always

b) Yes, sometimes

c) Rarely

d) No, never

2. Are your interests similar to his or her?

a) Yes, all of them

b) Some of them

c) No, none of them

3. Do both of you share all your information with each other?

a) Yes, we never hide anything from each other

b) Yes, sometimes we hide some information from each other

c) Yes we do, but we are hesitant to share it with each other

d) No, we find it difficult to share any information with each other

4. Do you fight and how often?

a) No, we never fight with each other

b) Yes, we do once a week

c) Yes, we do once a month

d) Yes, we do once a year

e) We fight very rarely, only on important matters

5. How often do you meet?

a) Every day, we can’t do without meeting

b) Every day, provided we are not tired

c) Once a week

d) Once a month

e) Once a year

6. Would you like to spend your entire life with your partner?

a) Definitely Yes

b) No

c) Not sure

d) Need some time to think

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