Long Term Investment Questionnaire

A long term investment questionnaire can be a useful document to understand the long term financial goals and investments of clients. This questionnaire can be beneficial for fund managers or financial advisors who are looking at helping their clients to increase their wealth in the long term.

Sample Long Term Investment Questionnaire:

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _______________________________

Full Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Email address: _____________________________

Age: _____________

Q1. Do you believe in saving for long term financial obligations or goals?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Somewhat

Q2: Please tick which of the following long term financial goals are relevant to you

a)   Retirement savings

b)   Social service

c)   Property

d)   Others

Q3. Tick the option where you have been investing in the last 10 years

a)   Savings account

b)   Real Estate

c)   IPOs

d)   Stocks and Bonds

e)   Fixed Deposits

Q4: Did you ever lose money is any of the long term investments (> 5 years)?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5: What is the likely inflationary expectation in your country for the next 10 years?


Q6: What is the current applicable tax rate on your income?


Q7. Did you ever take the services of any financial advisors for your long term investments?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q8. In which year are you likely to retire?


Q9. What is your current expectation of return in income for the next 10 years?

a)   Less than 5%

b)   5 – 8 %

c)   8 – 10 %

d)   Greater than 10%

Q10. Mention the year and reason when you want to withdraw amount from your long term investments

Year: _____________ Reason: _____________________

Year: _____________ Reason: _____________________

Year: _____________ Reason: _____________________

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