Labor Market Survey Questionnaire

A labor market survey questionnaire is a set of questions aimed at collecting the information regarding the labor market. The questions can help any firm/ company in getting a closer look at the situations persisting in the labor markets, problems associated with hiring labor and the solution to any such problems. The survey thus helps the labor market function smoothly, without any inefficiencies and redundancies in the system.

Sample Labor Market Survey Questionnaire





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Other Contact Info:

Kindly answer the following questions as you find suitable:

1. Are you a prospect employee for the service sector?

a. Yes,

b. No.

If the answer is yes kindly continue to answer the rest of the questions. If the answer if no, we thank you for all your time and effort.

2. Kindly select one of the following as your current employment status

a. Employed,

b. Unemployed.

3. If unemployed, which segment or part of the service sector are you seeking to enter or work in?

4. Kindly list the important factors or features of a firm that lead you on deciding which firms to aim at.

5. How would you describe job security in the current economic conditions and the existing firms?

6. Mention how important is job security.

7. Describe the most suitable and convenient working conditions according to you?

8. Do you find any major problems persisting in the service sector from the point of view of an employee? Mention.

9. Kindly provide solutions to the problem as you find suitable.



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