Job Compatibility Questionnaire

A Job compatibility questionnaire helps to find out how compatible a person is with different type of work situations and workplace environments. These types of questionnaire contain multiple questions so as to assess the compatibility of a person with his job.

Sample Job Compatibility Questionnaire:

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Q1: Which of the following reflects your style of working?

a)   Fast paced

b)   Medium paced

c)   Slow paced

Q2: Which of the following would your colleagues describe you as?

a)   Strong willed

b)   Dependable

c)   Easily influenced

Q3: How do you like to handle pressure?

a)   By directing it to others

b)   Taking the full pressure yourself

c)   Temperate behaviour during pressure situations

Q4: Please write a line on your leadership skills while handling your job


Q5: Which of the following work schedules are suitable to you?

a)   Flexible timings

b)   Strict time in and time out

c)   Timings with little flexibility

Q6: Which of the following perfectly describe your result oriented behaviour?

a)   Less result oriented and more process oriented

b)   Balance between result oriented ness and process oriented ness

c)   More result oriented and less process oriented

Q7: What are your career goals and objectives?


Q8: Which of the following rightly describes your communication skill fluency?

a)   Very fluent

b)   Appropriate fluency

c)   Less fluent

Q9: What do you do when you are faced with a tough situation at work?

a)   Take time out of work and enjoy being yourself or with family

b)   Focus even more on work

c)   Share the burden with the colleagues

Q10: Do you like to work from home?

a)   Always

b)   Yes, if necessary

c)   Sometimes

d)   No, even if necessary

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