Investment Questionnaire

Investment questionnaires are framed generally to gather the type and kind of information an individual, group or organization is doing or interested at.  This kind of questionnaires is effective in understanding the recent trend of investment. Moreover, it sometimes helps the respondent to understand where to cut short the investment as well.

This particular kind of questionnaire is considered as an effective tool for gathering such private information. Hence, it should be so designed that the respondent does not face any problem while responding these questionnaire completely. For this reason, while constructing an investment questionnaire one must underscore the following points as follows.

  • Use clear and short questions to making the essence of question understandable. It is advisable to phrase questions that are more direct rather than such questions, which requires lot of explanation.
  • Sometimes investment related matters are subjected to privacy of an individual. Hence, one must clearly mention about the name and purpose of the concern organization seeking this information along with evidence.
  • In case of critical questions, one can provide options containing some approximate answers.

One must proofread it before finalizing and submitting it for collecting responses as grammatical or spelling mistakes are highly countable in this kind of questionnaire.

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