Interview Questions

Interview questions can be used by an organization for potential employees, existing employees and for the customers. These questions are paramount in any business or organization for purposes of gauging whether customers are satisfied. Interview questions can help determine not only the level of satisfaction but know the feelings and opinions of clients, customers and buyers towards particular products. For an organization to remain relevant it has to understand what the client need and such information can be gotten from a sample interview questions. Below are sample interview questions

Sample Interview Questions

Tick where appropriate on the spaces provided at each statement

How did you come to learn about this product?

Friend: __________

Internet: ______________

Sales representative: ________

Others (specify) ______________________

What is the frequency with which you use this particular kind of product in a given month?

1-5 days: ______

6-10 days: ______

11-15 days: _______

16 and more: ___________

Where did you purchase this product?

Local supermarket: _______

Internet: ____________

Sales Representative: __________

Others (Please specify) :_____________

How do you find the current rate of this product?

1-Quite affordable

2. Affordable

3. Reasonable.

4. Quite expensive

5. Very expensive

How can you rate the packaging of the product?



3. Fair

4. Poor

5. Very poor.

Use the key provided to answer the statements below

5. Exceptional 4. Good 3. Fair 2. Poor 1.Very poor

1. How do you rate the product usability_________________

2. How can you rate the product value __________________

3. How do find the delivery of the product _______________

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