Interview Questionnaire

Interview questionnaires are important in any job recruitment procedure.  The purpose of these questionnaires is to know the candidates better.  To this end, the questions must be designed to focus on the candidates’ personality, problem-solving skills, knowledge, behavioral traits, attitudes etc.

While designing an interview questionnaire it is imperative to know how the information you are seeking will influence the decision making process.  It is best to ask only those questions whose responses have a direct bearing on the recruitment process.  Avoid any kind of biased questions.

The questions must throw better light on the overall personality of the candidate, so it is better to have questions which require more than a one word answer or a dichotomous choice.  Interview questionnaires can have close-ended, open-ended, hypothetical, behavioral, and multi-barreled questions.

The questions must be framed to bring out the strengths as well as weaknesses of the candidates as their response to such questions may help in understanding them better.

Interview questionnaire is generally the first step and it must be designed to make the candidate more open and forthcoming without unnerving him/her.

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