Interview Questionnaire Example

An interview questionnaire example is an example of a questionnaire which proves to be the best tool for an entrepreneur in order to complete the job hunt campaigns. This is the simplest and the cost effective method to filter the talented crowd. Such a questionnaire is prepared by the HR department and is based on certain standards and criteria

Sample Interview Questionnaire Example:

Name of the candidate: ______________

Age: _____________________________

Date of interview: _________________

Location of interview: _____________

  1. Define the word “Sales” and “Marketing”?



  1. Do you have any experience of sales & marketing?
  • Yes, I am a highly experienced person
  • Some sort of experience I have
  • No , I am a fresher
  1. Do you think you are the suitable person for this job position?
  • I am very sure
  • I think so
  • Can’t say
  1. In your previous job position, please tell us about your job responsibilities?


  1. What are you job expectations, please choose an option?
  • Expecting good salary
  • Brilliant Career growth
  • Desired job designation
  • Others, please specify: ____________
  1. Do you think you will be able to meet the targets and goals issued to?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure
  • Yes
  • No
  • As soon as possible
  • Whenever ordered to join
  • Within a week
  1. What were the major job challenges you have faced in your last tenure?
    • Initiated long term relationship with potential customers
    • Benefited the organization by completing my targets on time
    • Fulfilled all my duties on time and played a role of an obedient employee
    • Others, ____________________________________________
  1. Were you fired from your previous organization?
  1. If you are selected today, how soon can you join?

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