International Market Questionnaire

An international market questionnaire is a powerful technique used by the organizations to measure the current position of the business in the international market. Such a questionnaire feedback is very helpful in designing the new policies and strategies to earn more profits.

Sample International Market Questionnaire

Name of the company: _________________

Address: ____________________________ Postal Code: ____________

Contact number: ______________________

Name of the international market expert: ________________

Designation: ______________________________________

Business establishment date: ___/____/___

TIN number: _____________________

Q1. Objective of conducting an international market survey:

  • Measuring the potential opportunities for commencing the business
  • Targeting the available business leads
  • Locating the potential customers
  • Judging the market for announcing a new product
  • Others: __________________________________

Q2. Is this company a subsidiary of some other company?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. Mention the desired locations for conducting an international market questionnaire:


Q4. Write the type of business for which the international market questionnaire is being prepared?

  • Manufacturing
  • Import & export
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others please write: ____________

Q5. Name the countries, where you would like to conduct this international marketing survey?


Q6. Which of the following sector do you wish to target?

  • Common people
  • Business companies
  • Private business agents
  • Retails outlets
  • Dealers
  • Others, please mention: ___________

Q7. Which technique are you opting for approaching the above chosen entities?

  • E –mail Questionnaire
  • Telephonic approach
  • Online survey, polls
  • Personal meetings
  • Others please write: __________

Q8. Has this business set up a good market globally?

  • Yes
  • No

Q9. Would you like to work on the essential policies and potential working strategies?

  • Yes
  • No

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