International Investment Questionnaire

An international investment questionnaire is a questionnaire that should be filled by governments or nations that are undertaking foreign currency international investments. This questionnaire is helpful to understand the types of investment opportunities, risks and returns, basis of recording transactions, etc. The sample questionnaire given below might help to understand the likely questions.

Sample International Investment Questionnaire:

Name of the representative

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _______________________________

Designation: ________________________________________________________________

Name of the country: _____________________

Contact Number: ________________________

Contact Email id: ________________________

Q1. What is the current ratio of foreign financial assets to foreign financial liabilities?


Q2: What are the main financial transactions that the government is currently undertaking?

a)   Hedging

b)   Export and Import

c)   Loans and Deposits

d)   Others, please mention _______________________________

Q3: What is the cost of debt taken from foreign countries?


Q4: What is the average return on investment from foreign currency investment avenues?


Q5: What is the reason for undertaking international investments?

a)   Increased liquidity in foreign locations

b)   Increased return in foreign asset investments

c)   Higher risk in national investments

d)   Others, please mention ________________________________

Q6: What is the average percentage of risk involved in foreign currency transactions?

a)   < 10%

b)   10 – 20%

c)   20 – 30%

d)   More than 30%

Q7: What is the time horizon of investing in international investments?

a)   0 – 5 years

b)   5 – 10 years

c)   10 – 20 years

d)   More than 20 years

Q8. What accounting is followed for recording investment transactions in the books of accounts?

a)   Cash

b)   Accrual

c)   Others, please mention ______________________________________

Date: ____________

Place: ____________

Signature: ______________

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