Interior Design Customer Questionnaire

An interior design customer questionnaire is used by an interior designer to find out how a client would like his home or office to be decorated. A client may have his own budget and preferences and an interior designer must take into account these factors before designing the space giving it a cosy or classy feel.

Sample Interior Design Customer Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

1)     Please specify the budget that you have thought of for this interior decoration project.

2)     Why do you want to change the interior decoration of your house?

3)     Please select the kind of look you have thought of for your home.

a)     Classy

b)     Cosy

c)     Earthy

d)     Sleek

e)     Others

3)     Are you ok with making any structural changes inside the house like breaking walls or adding any new structure? _______

5)     Do you need the clearance from the apartment committee to make changes in the structure of the house? __________

6)     Do you want changes in the windows, doors and their frames? _________

7)     What colour do you want the walls to be?

8)     Do you want single colours or are you ok with combination colours?

9)     Do you have any particular preference for lighting?

10)    What kind of flooring do you want in the house?

a)     Tiles

b)     Marble

c)     Carpet

d)     Granite

8)     Do you like pictures and paintings on the walls?

11)    Do you like indoor plants in your house?

12)    Are you willing to spend on new furniture?



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