Insurance Questionnaire

Insurance questionnaires are a set of questions related to different insurances and their policies. These kinds of questionnaires are generally prepared for collecting a detailed overview about the kind of insurance that is being preferred by most and the reason of their disliking associated with any particular kind. Moreover, it also helps to give an idea how people accept the concept of being insured.

Depending on the kind and the matter of the insurance questionnaire, one must follow certain points while constructing it.

  • Phrasing the questions: One should frame appropriate questions and it should be related to the intended purpose.  Hence, one should frame questions comprehensively so that it does not seek for long explanatory answers as this might deter the interest of the respondent and proper analysis could not be done.
  • Authenticity and privacy: Authenticity is an important factor; hence, the respondents have to be made aware of the purpose of the concerned organization who has designed it. This kind of questionnaires is generally subjected to privacy of an individual or organization and hence it should be so framed that it must not hamper their privacy.

Therefore, the overall approach of the insurance questionnaire should be business oriented and customer friendly.

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