Insurance Agents Questionnaire

Insurance Agents Questionnaire is given to the insurance agents to take their opinion on various aspects of the insurance field. It also contains questions related to the insurance products being offered by their company and the kind of services being provided by their company. Below mentioned are a few sample questions that are covered in the insurance agents questionnaire.

Insurance Agents Questionnaire Sample


Contact Number:

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  • What made you join the insurance field?


  • Since when have you been working as an insurance agent?


  • What are the challenges you face as an insurance agent?


  • Are you satisfied with your decision of getting into the insurance field?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Which insurance company are you working with?


  • Is this the first company you have joined or have you worked with some other company previously?


  • What do you think are the good points of working as an insurance agent?


  • What in your opinion is the drawback of becoming an insurance agent?


  • Does your job involve more of field work?


  • How often are you required to go out in the field to meet the clients?


  • What all assistance do you provide to the clients being an insurance agent?


  • How comfortable are you dealing with different clients?


  • Please provide certain tips for handling different kinds of clients.


  • What all insurance products are being offered by your company?


  • Which amongst these is the best insurance product of your company?


  • Which insurance product being offered by your company involves maximum amount of risk?


  • Do you provide complete information related to all the terms and conditions attached to the insurance products you are selling to the client?


  • Do you believe it is essential to have effective communication skills in order to become a successful insurance agent?


  • What difficulties do you face while selling your company’s products? (Please mention it in short)


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