Importance of Questionnaire

A questionnaire is prepared to meet certain objectives and gather information which would have been difficult or unviable otherwise. Depending on the format, style and nature of the questions, a sample questionnaire about a particular topic or issue or a subject aims distilling the general opinions of the public or to choose the most suitable candidates for specialized jobs.

To delve deeper into the topic, the case of a questionnaire meant for the purpose of employing a person for a post can be considered. The questionnaire strictly focuses on the technical knowhow of the person and his/her capacity to perform well in the job. Fundamental and advanced concepts of the concerned person are tested upon.

Other varieties of questionnaire have importance with an altogether different frame. For example the questionnaire with a primary objective to gauge customer satisfaction in regards to a specific product or service has a different tone to it. It is crucial in the manner that viewpoints about upgrading the product design or technology of the service can be obtained with ease.

The psychology of the respondents can be sketched from a good questionnaire. Furthermore, the importance of questionnaire lies in the fact that it helps in knowing not only the intelligent quotient of a participant/candidate but also his/her emotional quotient that gives an indication about his/her mental strength.

There are other numerous important aspects of a questionnaire such as getting to know the special skill set of the candidate or performance evaluation of the office staff from the streamlined feedback of the clients.

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