Human Resource Salary Survey Questionnaire

A human resource salary survey questionnaire is a document which is used to evaluate the salary packages which are earned by employees of human resource department of a company. These questionnaires consist of questions which are aimed at knowing the salary satisfaction level of employees which belong to the HR department. Based on the responses of the employees, various analysis and results can be drawn which are quite useful for organisations for evaluative purposes.

Sample Human Resource Salary Survey Questionnaire:

Name of candidate: ________________

Age of candidate: __________________

Gender of candidate: _______________

Contact number: _________________

Residential address: ____________________ zip code: _______________

State: ______________ country: __________________

Email address: ________________

Working in company: _________________

Working at job position: ______________________

Kindly answer the following questions if you belong to the HR department of your company:

Q1. What was your starting salary in the HR department?


Q2. What is your current salary package?


Q3. How many years did it take you to turn the starting salary into the current salary?


Q4. Pick one of the following options which clearly match to your satisfaction level with your salary.

a)   Highly satisfied

b)   Satisfied

c)   Salary must be increased

d)   Unsatisfied with salary figure

Q5. Do you think that other companies give a batter salary to an employee working at the same position as you are?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. If you want your salary to be increased, why do you think it should be increased?


Q7. Are you expecting an appraisal in the near future?


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