HR Service Questionnaire

HR service questionnaire is designed to figure out as to how good are the services being provided by the HR department. The questionnaire may include various questions related to different policies and procedures set by the HR department to provide services to the employees. This questionnaire is meant to understand if the employees are happy with the services being offered by the HR or do they expect some modifications in the system. Below mentioned are a few sample questions that may be included in an HR Service Questionnaire.

HR Service Questionnaire Sample



Company Name:

Mobile Number:

  • Since how long have you been working in this organization?

a)      Less than six months

b)      Six months to 1 year

c)      1 year to 3 years

d)     More than 3 years

  • How do you like the services being provided by the HR department?

a)      Excellent

b)      Good

c)      Satisfactory

d)     Not So Good

e)      Poor

  • Do you think the services provided by your HR team is at par with the HR services being provided at other organizations?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • Do you think there is a need to improve the quality of services being provided by the HR department of your organization?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If ‘Yes’, then please suggest as to what all changes should be made to improve the quality


  • Which is the best HR service being provided by your HR department? Please mention as to why you like it.


  • Which HR services as per you should be worked upon and how?


  • What do you have to say about the remuneration policy set by your HR department? (Please choose an appropriate answer from the below given options)

a)      Very Good

b)      Satisfactory

c)      Poor

  • How do you like the attendance and leave policy set by the HR department of your organization? Do you think it should be modified to some extent?


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