HR Questionnaires

HR questionnaires or Human Resource questionnaires are a requirement while seeking employment in any company.  With human resources being the back bone of any company, its success or failure depends greatly on HRM (Human Resource Management).

HR questionnaires are generally designed as pre-interview questionnaires to help in short-listing the candidates for particular jobs.  They must be designed to check job-skills, personality traits, attitudes and temperament.  The questionnaire can be divided into different sections, the first of which can include identification/introductory questions.  This can be followed by a section related to the knowledge required for the particular job.

It is important to ask unbiased and unambiguous questions.  The questions must be easily understandable.  In an ideal situation, the candidates must not take more than 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  Each section can have space for relevant additional information that the candidate wishes to provide.

The questions must be designed to gauge both the strong as well as weak areas of the candidate.

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