HR Policy Questionnaire

HR Policy questionnaire is a written document which is used by organisations to know about the different HR policies adopted by a company or the HR department of a company. These questionnaires consist of many questions which are directly related to knowing about the policies and their implementation methods used by HR executives. Any such document may have either subjective or objective type questions with proper spaces and options provided along with them.

Sample HR Policy Questionnaire:

Name of organisation: _________________

Address of organisation: _____________ zip code: ______________

State: _________________ country: ____________________

Phone number of office: _________________

Email address: _________________

Website URL: ____________________________

Name of HR policy maker: ___________________

Number of employees in HR department: ________________

Contact number of HR Head of company: _________________

Please answer the following questions about HR policy making:

Q1. What is the most effective HR policy adopted by your department in the recent past?


Q2. Who all are the members of your HR policy making team?


Q3. Does the company function according to the policies or is it flexible to these policies?


Q4. Mention few of your HR polices which have not provided expected results?


Q5. The need of human resources keeps on expanding day by day. Does this mean that more policies must be implemented by each company in today’s date?


Q6. Name and describe a few of the HR policies implemented by you which have been very successful?


Q7. What part do you play in your organisation in policy making?


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