HR Generalist Questionnaire

HR generalist questionnaire is a written document which is used by organisations to quiz HR generalist about their jobs and to know that how satisfied they are with their work as HR generalist. These questions are helpful in evaluating the responses of many HR generalists and thus coming to a conclusion about their satisfaction level and their work. Any such questionnaire consists of multiple questions with either subjective or objective type answer scope.

Sample HR Generalist Questionnaire:

Name of candidate: ______________

Gender: ____________________

Age of candidate: ______________

Phone number: _______________

Residential address: ____________ zip code: __________

State: ________________ country: _________________

Email address: ___________________

Working for (company name): ____________________

Kindly answer the following questions only if you are a HR generalist in the company you work for.

Q1. How long have you been working in the HR department of your company?


Q2. How long have you been working as the HR generalist for your company?


Q3. What are your major job duties and responsibilities?


Q4. Are you involved in the recruitment process too?


Q5. What is your salary package as the HR generalist?


Q6. Are you satisfied with this salary figure?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. What are the points which inspire you to perform well at this job position?


Q8. What do you think are the skills and qualifications which are required to live up to this job perfectly?


Q9. Does your company have more than one HR generalist?


Q10. How many employees work under you?


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