HR Department Questionnaire

An HR department questionnaire is an official document to assess the effectiveness of the HR department in an organization. The HR department is one of the most important departments of the organization as they are responsible for recruiting employees of the organization and also ensuring that the policies and procedures are well communicated to the employees to meet the set goals of the organization. Thus an HR department questionnaire helps to check whether the HR department is carrying out their responsibility effectively. The questionnaire is filled by the members of the HR department and the questions are based on the rules and procedures implemented by them.

Sample HR Department Questionnaire:


Q1. What is the initial process of procuring new employees for the organization?

a)   By putting advertisement in newspapers

b)   Through employee reference

c)   Conducting walk in interviews

d)   Organizing job fairs

Q2.  What are the different steps involved in the interview process of potential employees?


Q3. What is the method of maintaining records in the HR department?

a)   Maintaining soft copies in the data base

b)   Maintaining hard copies in the form of files and folders

c)   Maintaining both soft as well as hard copies

d)   Others, please specify _____________

Q4. On what basis are the job description and responsibilities defined?


Q5. On what basis is the compensation for employees calculated?

a)   Overall performance

b)   Overtime

c)   Code of conduct

d)   Others, please specify ________________

Q6. What are the benefits received by employees other than their remuneration? On what basis are these benefits decided?


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