HR Benchmarking Questionnaire

A HR benchmarking questionnaire helps us to evaluate the efficiency of the HR management system in an organization. It also helps to get a headcount of the HR department and plan the budgeting of HR costs. The survey is conducted by analysts usually hired by an organization.

Sample HR Benchmarking Questionnaire:

Name of organization: ______________

Name: _____________

Job Position: ___________

Total number of years in the organization: ______________

Telephone no.: ________________

Address: ________________

E-mail id: _______________

1. Are there any schemes in your organization related to rewards and recognition?

a) Yes

b) No

2. What are the rewards offered in your organization?

a) Monetary

b) Non monetary

3. Is the human resource plan in your organization strategic?

a) Yes

b) No

4. To whom does the head of the human resource department reports to?

a) Chief Executive Officer

b) Chief of Finance

c) Chief of corporate service

d) Chief of administration

e) Others

5. What are the parameters for selecting employees for awards?

a) Performance

b) Maintaining office ethics

c) Bringing new ideas

d) Maintaining discipline in working procedure

e) Accuracy in work

f) Relationship with colleagues and superiors

6. How many employees are selected for rewards?

a) Between One to five

b) Between Five to ten

c) Between Ten to fifteen

d) Between Fifteen to twenty

e) More than twenty

7. How often are the employees rewarded?

a) Once a month

b) Once in three months

c) Once in six months

d) Once in a year

8. Are there any incentive or bonus schemes for the employees?

a) Yes

b) No


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