How to Make a Questionnaire

A questionnaire is the most affordable and viable way of gathering data. Its success however depends on how well the questions are formulated, outlined and worded. As such, when making a questionnaire, special consideration should be taken in determining the type of data that a researcher wants to gather. This will act as the basic guide to wording the questions. One should also have a specific group of respondents in mind as this allows the questions to target specific group of people. The questions must be short, easy to understand, unbiased and relevant. In addition, the questionnaire must be limited in the amount of responses that a respondent can issue. This makes analyzing data easy.


1.Decide the information to be gathered using the questionnaires:  This means that one cannot be too broad on the subject. For example, when gauging the prevalence of a specific behavior among the youth one needs to be age specific. As such, every respondent must state his or her age before answering other questions.

The question can be open ended like:

How old are you? ________

Or close-ended like,

Choose your age from the category below:

15-18 years_________________

19-25 years________________

26-35 years________________

2. The researcher should specify where the questionnaires will be distributed, to whom and when. The phrase below shows specifics about the intended respondent, their location as well as the time.

“This questionnaire is intended for use on graduating students in all schools within X County during the last week of the semester”.

3. The questionnaire should be easy to read, professional and neat.


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