Hotel Customer Questionnaire

Hotel customer questionnaire is an array of questions provided by the mangers of the hotels to their customers before they leave. These questionnaires will help the hotel authority to understand how good or how bad they are as far as their hospitality is concerned. This questionnaire, if properly used, can be very effective for the overall improvement of the hotel.

Sample Hotel Customer Questionnaire


Name of the guest: __________________________

No. of people stayed in: ______________________

Room no.: _____________

Check in time: ____________________

Check out time: ___________________

Please answer the following questions with rating of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 highest:

1)   How would you rate the overall condition of the rooms provided to you?

2)   How were the cleanliness and other housekeeping services?

3)   How would you estimate the heating or the cooling conditions in the room?

4)   How was the quality of the food and beverages offered?

5)   How prompt was the service at the dining section?

6)   How would you rate the variety of the menu offered?

7)   How would you rate the overall quality of the service as far as the dining department is concerned?

8)   How would you rate the responsiveness, courtesy and friendliness of our staff?

9)   How would you rate the public places like the balcony, park etc of our resort?

10)               How would you rate the hotel in terms of providing leisure and comfort?

11)               Where from you got to know about our hotel?

a)   From newspaper

b)   From advertisements in media

c)   From a friend

d)   From other sources. Please specify.

12)                Will you refer our hotel to any of your friends or relatives?

a)   Definitely Yes

b)   May be

c)   Never

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