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In today’s world of sedentary desk jobs, staying fit and healthy is becoming increasing difficult. In addition to the reflection on your appearance, it is a well established fact that your lifestyle can make you predisposed to many chronic diseases as well as life threatening conditions. Gym questionnaires are a set of questions that can inform you whether you need to join a gym, the exercises you need to do considering your body shape, and the training you need to undergo.

Gym questionnaire Sample






  1. Please describe your lifestyle.

A)   Sedentary. I am glued to the computer screen most of the day

B)   Moderate. I do get occasional exercise

C)    Active. I exercise regularly

  1. How would you describe your food habits?

A)   Erratic. I grab whatever I get hold of.

B)   Fairly regular. Though I do skip meals

C)   Regular. I make sure I have all my meals and on time.

  1. Do you eat in between meals?

A)   yes always

B)   rarely

C)   never

  1. Which of these would best describe your diet?

A)   High calorie diet, starchy foods

B)   Moderate calorie but healthy fruits and vegetables

C)   Low calorie, healthy diet

  1. Do you currently suffer from any medical conditions? Give details.
  2. How would you describe your physical condition?

A)   Fit and active

B)   Sound in spirits but bodily tired

C)    I tend to tire easily both physically and mentally

  1. What exercises are you currently doing?
  2. Are you pregnant? If so give the due date.
  3. Why do you want to join a gym?

A)   To build a muscular and athletic body

B)   To get rid of excess fat

C)   To ensure my current fit figure

  1. Have you recently suffered from any injuries in the following areas?

A)   Neck

B)   Back

C)   Ankles

D)   Knees

  1. Have you undergone surgery recently?

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