Guide to Writing a Questionnaire

It is essential to know the techniques of framing the questions appropriately in order to write a good questionnaire. Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind while preparing a questionnaire:

 Understand the Client’s Requirement

It is essential to understand the client’s requirement before creating the questionnaire. One must find out as to what kind of audience the client wishes to target and what information does he require by way of getting these questionnaires filled.

 Use simple Vocabulary

It is important to make use of simple language while framing the questions so that these can be easily understood. If difficult and complex terminology is used in the questionnaire chances are that half of the questionnaire would be left unanswered thus defeating the purpose of conducting the survey/ poll/ study.

 Frame Multiple Choice Questions

It is always good to form multiple-choice questions as it helps you find exactly what you want. It helps in understanding the choice of the person answering the questionnaire in a better way.

 Use correct sequence

It is very essential to put the questions in the correct order. Writing difficult questions in the beginning is not a good idea. One must always begin with the easier questions and then move on to the difficult ones.

 Keep it short

Try to include less number of questions in the questionnaire. Too many questions make the person loose interest in filling up the questionnaire/form. It is essential to draft the questionnaire tactfully so that you can get the required information by asking just a few questions.

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