Fun Questionnaire for Blogs

Blogs can be made more interesting if they involve online tests, surveys and questionnaires. For that purpose, Fun questionnaire for blogs are designed that are fun to answer so that the people get good entertainment.

Sample Fun Questionnaire for Blogs

Answer these random and crazy questions. The post closes after a week. Then we will vote and find out the craziest answer.

1)   Which adult person around you do you want to convert into a baby?

2)   Name the teachers whom you would like to have as students in your class and why?

3)   Would you like to step into the shoes of Gulliver in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’?

4)   If you could ask for three boons in life, then what would those three boons be?

5)   Which alien do you love the most?

6)   What would you like to be- a werewolf or a vampire and why?

7)   Choose your birthday gift- a tail or a pair of horns?

8)   If you were Harry Potter, then who would you inflate?

9)   Where would you prefer to hang out- on the clothesline or the tree?

10)               Which fruit do you resemble the most?

11)               What do want to be in life- a giver or a taker?

12)               Which toy of yours do you want to come alive?

13)               If you were to be born again, then what animal do you want to be?

14)               Which movie imitates your life the best?

15)               Who is more frightening- your wife or your boss?

16)               According to you, which other persons should take this questionnaire?

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