Friendship Questionnaire for Kids

Friendship questionnaire for kids is a questionnaire that helps to understand the kid’s mindset regarding the friendship.  This type of questionnaire consists of questions related to friendship that kids can answer easily.

Sample of Friendship Questionnaire for Kids

Name: ____________________________ Age: __________

Gender: _________________

Please tick beside the correct option.

1)   Do you like

a. crowded place

b. lonely place

c. Both

2)   Do you often disagree with what your friends say?

  1. Yes Completely
  2. Not at all
  3. Sometimes, it depends

3)   You want to have a friend whom you can

  1. Trust
  2. Ask for doing your homework
  3. Call anytime when you are sad
  4. Ask for help

4)   When two of your close friend are fighting what would be your reaction?

  1. Would stay out of it
  2. Would like to solve the conflict as early as you can
  3. Would ask them to break friendship and move apart

5)   If one of your friend is really irritating you, what would you do?

  1. Will tell straight away not to disturb.
  2. Will ignore and bear for the sake of friendship
  3. Will try to make her understand

6)   While playing if you had a tiff with your friend how do you solve it?

  1. Don’t care about it much
  2. Say sorry if its your fault
  3. Try to negotiate and solve before going to the playground next day.

7)   What according to you are the most essential qualities that a true friend should possess?

8)   Do you consider yourself as a true and loyal friend?

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