Free Web Questionnaire

A free web questionnaire is a document having a set of questions with queries regarding developing a website that is accessible to the audience for free.  The questionnaire includes questions regarding the features and look of the website that the clients want to have.

Sample Free Web Questionnaire

Name of the client: _______________________

Principal Office Address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Office Phone Number: ________________

Fax Number: ________________

Email id: ___________

Website address: ______________

Name of the representative: ________________

E mail id of the representative: _____________

Q1. What is the subject on which you want to make your website?


Q2. How many pages do you want in the website?

a)   More than one

b)   Between two to five

c)   Between five to ten

d)   More than ten

Q3. How detailed do you want the instructions to be on the website?

a)   Very detailed

b)   Detailed

c)   A bit detailed

d)   Not detailed at all

Q4. Do you want the audience to pay a certain amount to access any specific section on the website?

a)   Yes only few specific sections

b)   No, all sections would be accessible for free

Q5. Do you want an option for the viewers so that they can give their comments and feedback on your site?

a)   Yes

b)   In some sections

c)   No, not at all

Q6. Do you want to keep anything on the website that the viewer can download?

a)   Yes, I want some of the content that can be downloaded

b)   No, I don’t want

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