Free Training Questionnaire

A training questionnaire is a questionnaire that is used in order to get the response of various individuals with respect to a training program. When these types of questionnaires are available for free of cost on internet they are known as free training questionnaires. With the help of these questionnaires the training needs as well as the areas that lacks in training can be known and thus can be improved upon.

 Sample Free Training Questionnaire

Name of the trainee: _____________

Address: Street address ___________ City _________ State _______________ Zip code _______

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

E mail id: ____________

Q1. Do you focus on the goals that you want to achieve?

a)   Yes, always

b)   Sometimes I do

c)   No, I don’t

Q2. How would you define smart targets?


Q3. Do you follow a set of professional standards every day?

a)   Yes

b)   Sometimes

c)   No

Q4.  Suppose you disagree with the points shared by an individual, would still listen to him attentively?

a)   Yes

b)   Maybe

c)   No

Q5. Are you into the habit of talking a lot?

a)   Yes always

b)   Sometimes

c)   Never

Q6. Do you lack confidence to say something or speak up, even when you know you should say something?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. Do you agree that you are able to explain people easily whatever you want them to understand?

a)   Strongly agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Disagree

Q8. How fast are you in making progress on a task?

a)   Very fast

b)   Fast

c)   Somewhat fast

d)   Not fast

e)   Slow

Q9. Are you good at organizing priorities and making decisions?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q10. Do you think you need to undergo any training to achieve your goals? If yes then what type of training do you think will help you?

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