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In the past, the concept of free questionnaires was not as popular as it is today. Previously, a lot of effort and resources were put into formulating and printing questionnaires since they were printed on paper. Even during telephone interviews, the respondent’s answers needed to be documented on paper. With the advent of electronic documentation however, the cost factor is no longer applicable. As such, free questionnaires are now available on the web for free download. The catch to this however is that some websites require the user to credit them for the questionnaire use, or at time, the questionnaire needs customization in order to meet the specific needs of the user.

Below is an example of a free questionnaire for use on students




Q1. Which career do you want to take up when you graduate? ___________________

Q2. Do you know what specifically is needed for you to gain college entry to pursue the career? ______

If yes, please specify________________________

Q3. Which subjects are you best at?



Q4. Is there a subject you don’t perform well in that is required for your college entry? _____

If yes, specify_______________

Q5. What are you doing to enhance your performance in the subject in Q4? ________________

Q6. Is your career choice your idea or your parents? ____________

If it is your idea, do your parents agree with the same? ______________

If not, what would they rather you pursue in college? _________________

Q7. What reason do you have for wanting to pursue the chosen career in college?

Q8.  Do you receive any career guidance in your school?


Q9. Do you like working with people? _______________________


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