Free Questionnaire Template

A free questionnaire template is used to help you generate an effective set of questions in a format that is easy for people to answer. Questions in a questionnaire should be written in a way that flows so that they are answered effectively in a way that is in context with the main purpose of the questionnaire. A free questionnaire template will help you do this. It is important to include descriptive questions in a free questionnaire template so that you can get pin point information rather than vague answers. A good questionnaire should not be too long or be difficult for the reader to understand.

Sample Free Questionnaire Template

What is the main purpose of your questionnaire?  _________________

Have you made sure that your questions are unbiased? _________________

How many questionnaires are you planning on distributing? _________________

Are you asking both qualitative and quantitative questions? _________________

Are your questions easy to understand? _________________

Use this key for the following questions

5- Excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- poor, 1- very poor.

What do you think of the overall questionnaire? _________________

How would you rate the way in which the questionnaire is flowing? _________________

Rate the grammar used in the questionnaire? _________________

Are you satisfied with your questionnaire? _________________

What reasons do you have to be satisfied or dissatisfied with your questionnaire? _________________

What things can you do to improve on your questionnaire? _________________

Please state where you want to distribute the questionnaire.

Place of work: ________ Newspaper: _______ Magazine: _______

Internet: ________ Shopping malls: ________ At Schools: ________

Other (specify): ________

Have you gone through the questionnaire? _________________

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