Fitness Assessment Questionnaire

A fitness assessment questionnaire is a useful tool to determine the physical fitness of an individual. By answering these questions, the fitness instructor, dietician or doctor gets to know about the physical condition of a person and accordingly can suggest measures of improving fitness. It also helps one to prepare a diet plan, make an exercise schedule and identify potential diseases.

Sample Fitness Assessment Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email Address: _______________

Gender: ______________

Age: ________________

Height: ___________

Body Fat: ___________

Weight: __________

Ideal weight: __________

1)   Have you ever joined a health club before? _______

2)   Have you been following your exercise schedule regularly for the past 4 months? _________

3)   How long do you exercise per day and how often? _________

4)   Do you smoke? ____________

5)   Do you drink? __________

6)   How often do you go out to eat?

a)   Less than once a week

b)   Once a week

c)   More than once a week

7)   Do you frequently buy new clothes to feel better about your body image? _____

8)   Are you happy with your food habits? __________

9)   What lifestyle choices would you like to change and make? __________

10)               Over the past 2 years, have you ever started a diet and exercise plan but stopped it midway? If yes, what made you stop?

11)               What according to you is the reason for not sticking to exercise schedule?

12)               Are you serious about achieving your goals? __________

13)               Do you have any chronic medical condition, allergy etc that he fitness trainer/specialist should be aware of?

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