Financial Planning Questionnaire

When an individual intends to seek financial advice, the advisor needs to know if the individual has tried some planning and failed prior to seeking help. This allows the advisor to gauge the client’s commitment in the assistance that he will get. He knows that the client needs to believe in him/herself before admitting that they require help. A financial planning questionnaire is used to achieve this. This questionnaire tends to help the advisor understand in what area that he will offer his/her help. He is able to know the intricate details that the individual keeps to themselves like how much they earn and how they spend their money, in order to show them how to plan. Here is a sample questionnaire.

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________________________

How much do you save every month? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Less than 10 percent_______

20 percent_______

30 percent_______

More than 40 percent_______

Do you ever use your savings?


Yes, they are mine_______

Once in awhile_______

How long do you intend on saving?

More than 15 years_______

10 years_______

5 years_______

2 years_______

How do you make sure you save every month?

Automated transfer_______

I am committed_______

My accountant helps me_______

Have you thought of investing your savings?



Plan to_______

If yes, have you thought of investing in__?

Insurance cover_______


Investment fund_______

Real estate_______


What do you plan to do with your savings?

Buy a car_______

Buy a house_______

Put my children through University_______

Start a business_______

Does your income have an impact on how much you save?

It does in a great way_______

It does but the impact is minimal_______

No it does not_______

If I do not earn I do not save_______

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