Financial Aid Questionnaire

We all hit rock bottom at some point in our lives, when we get broke. It usually happens when we least expect it. Even when we do, it never is as we thought it would be. It usually feels worse. The truth is, you can never be too careful. One way or another, you might require additional funds as whatever you had tends to run out when you needed it most. When we approach a financial institution for assistance, they usually hand us a form before we say much. Based on what we answer in these questionnaires, we are told if we are eligible or not. Below is a Sample Financial Aid Questionnaire;

First Name _____________ Middle Name ________________ Last Name_________________

Physical Address _______________________________________________________________________

Daytime Contacts (phone and email) ______________________________________________________



Financial Aid Plan that you are applying for _________________________________________________

Is this the first time that you are applying for financial aid? (Fill the appropriate answer—YES/NO)



Are we the first institution that you have approached this year for financial aid?



What word would you use to summarize your current credit score?




Don’t know________

Do you have pending payments on the following?

Car loan________


Educational loan________

Insurance policy________

How many credit cards do you have?


One ________


More than two ________

Have you been known to skip or delay payments way after the payment deadline?

No. I always pay my debts in time________

Sometimes, when my paycheck is late ________

My priority list changes frequently________

I leave my accountant to handle that for me________

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