Fashion Retail Questionnaire

A fashion retail questionnaire is a source for finding out first-hand information about sales of fashion retail outlets and what consumers prefer to buy at these stores. By finding out the consumer preferences, the retail outlets can order those types of clothes which are the latest trends, they can modify the showroom to make it more appealing to the consumers and set prices accordingly.

Sample Fashion Retail Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Gender: ______________

Date of Birth: ________________

Phone Number: ________________

Address: ____________

Email id: _____________________________

1) Please specify your employment type

a) Salaried

b) Self-employed

c) Student

d) Part-time worker

2) What is your current occupation? ___________

3) If you are working, please mention your gross annual income.

a) Less than $100,000

b) $100,000 to 200,000

c) More than $200,000

8) How much do you spend on your clothes while shopping?

a) Less than $100

b) $100-200

c) $200-500

d) More than $500

9) What kind of clothes do you usually buy?

a) Casual clothes

b) Dresses, skirts

c) High-end

d) Sporty

10) What type of retail outlets do prefer shopping at?

a) Malls

b) Discount stores

c) Teen outlets

d) Designer boutiques

e) Department stores

11) Is there any specific reason why you prefer shopping at the above mentioned choice? ________

12) What do you look for in a showroom when you go to buy clothes?

a) Range

b) Price

c) Service

d) Quality

e) Display and presentation

f) Others

13) Please comment on what we can do to make your shopping trip more comfortable and enjoyable? ____________

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