Fashion Questionnaire Format

Fashion questionnaire format is a pre-conceived format that is used by different merchandisers, fashion houses, and apparel companies to determine what different people think about fashion trends and what type of apparel, clothing, accessories, shoes etc do people find appealing. This helps fashion houses and apparel companies to broaden their horizons and help serve the consumer market better.

Sample Fashion Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the respondent]

Address: __________________________ [Home Address of the respondent]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the respondent (M/F)]

Phone: ______________________________ [Phone of the respondent]

Email: __________________________________ [Email address of the respondent]

First Question: [The First question should be framed in a way that it starts the ball rolling and needs to get information about the respondent’s current fashion style, colors that they like, etc. Questions like do you prefer conservative/classic/bohemian style or Which colors are your favorite when it comes to casual clothing etc. Such questions will help researchers to get information on fashion psyche of individuals]

Second Question: [The second question needs to focus on the design aspects of fashion. The questions can have multiple options or two options like yes/no. In the design aspects, questions should ask respondents about the designs they like, specific designer’s whose clothesline appeals to them, designer labels that they most often buy etc]

Third Question: [The third category of questions needs to focus on where the respondents display their sense of fashion like office, events, home party, social party etc. This question should also stress on how often do respondents indulge in fashionable wear and how much do they spend on it]

Fourth Question: [The fourth and final category of questions should focus on what their wardrobe contains, essential wardrobe elements etc. These questions should ideally be multiple choices. Questions should be like: how often do you add apparels and accessories to your wardrobe, does your wardrobe have designer or non-designer, which of the following elements do you consider as an important part of your wardrobe etc]

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