Fashion Management Questionnaire

A fashion management questionnaire is an effective tool to find out responses related to fashion merchandising, retailing, visual presentation, store management and also gets to know whether a company’s marketing strategies are working or not. Fashion management plays a big role in order to supply the right clothes to the right customer.

Sample Fashion Management Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Gender: ______________

Age: ________________

Phone Number: ________________

Address: ____________

Email id: _____________________________

1)   Are you employed?

2)   What is your occupation?

3)   What is your monthly income?

a)   Less than $1000

b)   $1000 to 2000

c)   More than $2000 to 5000

d)   Over 5000

4)   How much do spend on clothes per month?

a)   Less $100

b)   $100-300

c)   $300-500

d)   Over $500

5)   Where do you usually go shopping?

a)   Discount stores

b)   High-end boutiques

c)   Malls

6)   When you go shopping, please select what you are looking for:

a)   Style

b)   Quality

c)   Brand

d)   Behaviour of store employees

e)   Display of clothes

f)    Price

7)   What kind of clothes do you like?

a)   Casual

b)   Formal

8)   What percentage of clothes do you buy on sale?

a)   Less than 10%

b)   10%-30%

c)   Over 30%

9)   Do you think ads influence your fashion style? If yes, how? _________

10)               Do you prefer help from the store staff or like using your own choice while buying clothes? _________

11)               When shopping for clothes, do you

a)   Try new shops

b)   Go back to the same shop

c)   Get influenced by window displays

12)               Please give suggestions on how we can make your shopping experience more enjoyable. ____________

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