Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ)

The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire is based on the belief that inherited genes play a significant role in how a person behaves and interacts with other people. Though the couple who designed the questionnaire acknowledged the role of environmental factors in shaping how a person turned out, they believed that inborn characteristics are too-huge forces to ignore.  The questionnaire may be used for people in same families to establish the extent of shared traits for purposes of verifying the genetic concept. In most cases however, the questionnaire is available on the Internet where people can answer the questions and receive an almost instant personality analysis.


Use simple YES or NO answers to the following questions

1.I consider my self a rather lively and outgoing person  ___________

2.I have different hobbies which I share with my friends and people I have just met  ___________

3.My mood is constant since I rarely experience mood swings  ___________

4.I like taking credit for my accomplishments but would quickly decline credit given to me erroneously  ___________

5.I consider myself talkative, entertaining, and the “life of a party” ___________

6.I worry when I owe people and cannot foresee a clear-cut way of settling the debt   ___________

7.I am miserable at times although I cannot really explain the reason for my misery  ___________

8.I am very particular about locking the doors at night  ___________

9.It upsets me to see animals and children suffer  ___________

  1. I worry about things I didn’t do or say  ___________
  2. I am good at keeping my promises regardless of how inconveniencing they may be  ___________
  3. I would like to go for sky diving adventures___________
  4. I enjoy myself thoroughly at parties  ___________
  5. I like meeting new people  ___________
  6. I don’t let my feelings to get hurt easily  ___________

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