Eysenck Personality Inventory Questionnaire

The Eysenck Personality Inventory Questionnaire is used by psychologists to gauge the personality traits of an individual. The questionnaire was designed by Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Eysenck based on the theory that an individual’s personality is inherited. This questionnaire mainly gauges a person’s temperament aspects that are inborn. This is done for purposes of proving that nature plays a significant role in determining a person’s character and personality. Eysenck did not deny that nurture also played a role in shaping personalities; rather, he just chose to concentrate on biological-based temperaments, which include extroversion versus introversion and neurotics versus stability. Below is an example of the questionnaire

Rate your answers on a 1(completely disagrees) to 5(completely agrees) scale

1.I am very open to culture and new experiences  ___________

2.I am very resolute about the decisions I make  ___________

3.I am very scrupulous with my work and anything that I do

4.I perceive myself as a dynamic person  ___________

5.I like dominating at home, school, work or community projects  ___________

6.I am friendly and cooperative when working with other people  ___________

7.I am polite, but like people to be polite towards me too  ___________

8.I have a strong grip of my emotions ___________

9.I am able to control my impulses with ease ___________

  1. I don’t tell lies ___________
  2. I have a strong liking for novelty  ___________
  3. I make sure that every project I start is completed  ___________
  4. I believe that there is some good traits in everyone ___________
  5. I do not easily loose my calm unless when pushed to the limits  ___________

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