Employment Verification Questionnaire

An employment verification questionnaire is a questionnaire which some organizations or companies may frame in order to cross check the facts or details mentioned by a person in his/her resume. These questionnaires are helpful in knowing whether or not all details of qualifications, experience etc. is authentic or not.

An employment verification questionnaire is just used to ensure that the employee selected to be hired has been honest or not. Given below is a sample of an employment verification questionnaire which can be used for reference or help.

Sample Employment Verification Questionnaire:

Name of the applicant: _________________

Date of birth of applicant: __________________

Gender: ________________

Residential address with pin code: ______________________

Contact number of applicant: __________________

Email ID of applicant: _________________

Job position applied for: _________________

The following are a few questions for employment verification. Please answer all the questions in the spaces provided or by ticking the correct option.

Q1. Were you previously employed?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q2. If, yes then please name the company you worked for last.


Q3. What position did you work for previously?


Q4. Where did you complete your graduation from and in which subject?


Q5. Please give the details of your other educational qualifications.


Q6. Please give the details of all the training programs and internships that you have done till now.


Q7. Give us a detailed account of the research performed by you on our organization.


Q8. Who conducted your personal interview? How do you think did it go?


Q9. What was the topic of discussion given to you in the group discussion session?


Q10. Did you speak for or against the topic in your group discussion?


Q11. Please tell us about what you gained or learned from your last working experience in detail.


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