Employment Survey Questionnaire

An employment survey questionnaire is used to find out the feelings and attitudes of your employees in order to create an effective and more conducive work environment.  It is the study of your employees and the level of job satisfaction at your company.  The survey is not meant to create animosity between the company and employees.  The questions should elicit helpful and constructive information.  By increasing jobsatisfaction you enable your employees to be more effective in their duties and thus more productivity for the company.  It is an important studythat should be done at least once a year.

Name of employee: ____________________________

Title: ________________________________________

Department: __________________________________

Length of employment: _________________________

Supervisor: ___________________________________

Describe your duties: _____________________________________________________


Describe your experience working for this company: ____________________________


What are some of the positive aspects about your work: __________________________


What are some of the negative aspects about your work: __________________________


Describe your understanding of the company’s vision: ___________________________


Describe the management style at the company: ________________________________


Indicate with strongly agree, agree, moderate, disagree and strongly disagree to the following questions:

The company values me as an employee: _______________

I have great job satisfaction: _________________________

I have a great supervisor: ____________________________

The management is easily accessible: ___________________

The level of professionalism is great: ____________________

Issues are dealt with well: _____________________________

The company’s mission is achievable: ___________________

The work environment is satisfactory: ___________________

I plan on working here for a long time: __________________

Any additional comments: _________________________________________________





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