Employment Support Questionnaire

Any questionnaire which is aimed at knowing a person’s details so as to decide whether or not the person is eligible for getting employment support is known as an employment support questionnaire. An employment support questionnaire is effective for authorities in deciding which candidate has to be categorized into which category of employment support.

Any such questionnaire can have both objective and subjective type questions and is often framed by various companies or employment support organizations. You can refer to the following given sample of an employment support questionnaire if you are confused about the same:

Sample Employment Support Questionnaire

Applicant’s full name:

Applicant’s full residential address with pin code:

Applicant’s nationality:

Applicant’s date of birth:

Applicant’s gender:

Mobile phone number of the applicant:

Email address of the applicant:

Are you looking for employment support?

Please answer all of the following given questions in the spaces that have been provided.

Q1. Why are you applying for employment support?

a)      I am suffering from a disability

b)      I am suffering from a temporary medical condition

c)      I am currently sick

d)     If other(please specify)

Q2. If you are suffering from a disability, then can you please explain your disability in detail and whether or not it can be cured.


Q3. Are you looking for?

a)      Financial support for a certain period of time

b)      Financial support for lifetime

c)      Personalized help

d)     Part time job

e)      Other(please specify)

Q4. Do you wish to build a career with employment support?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. If the answer to the previous question is yes, then what kind of career do you wish to build?


Q6. If the answer is no, then what is the reason for you to apply for employment support?

a)      Support my family

b)      Make a living

c)      Other(please specify)

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