Employment Reference Questionnaire

Most companies require that all prospective employees have a minimum of three people who can vouch for them.  These three people are used as a guide to the individual’s character.  Their recommendation can make all the difference when it comes to getting that job.  The employment reference questionnaire thus seeks to gain further insight into the character of the prospective employee.  In the recruitment process, having a great recommendation from each referee can make all the difference.  The questions seek to establish whether you are the most suited person for the particular job in question.  They are simple and clear.

Name of referee: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Tel: _______________________________________

Mobile: ____________________________________

Email: _____________________________________

Name of prospective employee: _________________

Address: ____________________________________

Tel: ________________________________________

Mobile: _____________________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Department: _________________________________

Name of company: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Describe your relationship with the concerned individual: _______________________

How long have you known the individual: ____________________________________

How best would you describe the concerned individual: __________________________


What are his or her strengths: _______________________________________________

What are his or her weaknesses: _____________________________________________

How would you describe the concerned individual’s emotional wellbeing: ____________


What special skills does the individual possess that are beneficial for this position: _____


What experience does the individual possess that is beneficial for this position: ________


Do you know of any reason that would disqualify this individual from being hired: _____


Any additional comments: __________________________________________________


Referee’s signature: _______________________        Date: ________________________

By signing this you acknowledge that all information is truthful.

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