Employment Questionnaire

Employment questionnaires are in-house generated and the purpose is to bridge any gaps between the employees and the organization.  These questionnaires must be designed to serve the dual purpose of helping both the employees and the organization.

While designing the questionnaires, it is important to start with a specific purpose.  It is best to divide the questionnaire into different sections depending on the need.  When questions related to one topic are grouped together, then the employees would find it easier to respond.

It is best to include only those questions which are relevant in the context.  They could be designed to bring out the needs of the employees as well as any new ideas to help improve the organization.  The questions must be more open-ended and space must be provided for comments and answers.

The questionnaire must not be too lengthy and the employees must feel comfortable to answer it.  If need be, anonymity must be assured, but is not a necessity.

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