Employment Questionnaire Template

Once a company hires new employees the next step in the recruitment process is to determine their pay scale based on their experience, knowledge and skills.  They do this using an employment questionnaire.  The template featured here can be used as an example of the basic format of such a document.  The aim of the questions is to determine the employee’s knowledge, their actual skills and experience in whichever field they are being recruited for.  The aim is not to make them feel inadequate; instead you want to be able to determine amount of pay and where they fit best.

Name: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________

Tel: _____________________________________

Mobile: __________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Company name: ____________________________

Address: __________________________________

Post being recruited for: ______________________

Department: _______________________________

Start date: _________________________________

Please answer the following questions with a yes or no:

My communication skills are adequate for this job: _______________

My interpersonal skills are ideal for this job: _____________________

This job requires good physical strength: ________________________

When in doubt I should:            Contact my supervisor: _______________

Refer to the handbook; ________________

Use my own initiative: ________________

Indicate with a yes or no the attributes which best describe you:

Dependable: ______________

Punctual: _________________

Friendly: __________________

Outgoing: _________________

Shy: ______________________

Hardworking: ______________

Focused: __________________

Creative: __________________

Social: ____________________

Adventurous: _______________

Other: _____________________

What would you describe as the most important aspect about your job: _______________


What special skills do you possess that are ideal for this job: _______________________


How is your experience beneficial for this job: __________________________________


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