Employment Questionnaire Format

Employment questionnaire format is a pre-conceived format that human resources personnel use to collect information related to current and previous employment of a person. An employment questionnaire helps organizations to find out what the employee requirements are and how they perceive employment and organizations they are associated or currently working with.

Sample Employment Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the respondent]

Address:__________________________ [Home Address of the respondent]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the respondent (M/F)]

Current Employer: ___________________ [Name of the Employer/Company]

Office Address: ________________________ [Office Address of the respondent]

Work Phone: ______________________________ [Work Phone of the respondent]

Email: __________________________________ [Email address of the respondent]

First Question: [The First question should start by finding out information of the respondent’s current employment and employers. Questions like: how long have you been working here or what are your feelings about the work environment here would be highly appropriate]

Second Question: [The second question needs to be work space driven. It should question the respondent about the nature of work, the job responsibilities, the work pressure, the peer pressure, the supervisor’s etc. Questions can be as simple as a yes/no or a multiple choice as well.]

Third Question: [The third category of questions need to be more focused about employment related benefits and wages. The questions can be related to the current employment or previous employment. Questions can be like: what is your current salary? Are you satisfied with the salary? Do you receive annual bonus? Does your organization give performance awards?]

Fourth Question: [The fourth and final category of questions needs to focus on the future options as well as what the respondent expects from the current employment. Various aspects like the respondents current view of the employment satisfaction, changes that can be incorporated etc should be covered]



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