Employment Questionnaire Answers

This employment questionnaire will provide you with possible questions and answers that you may face in the difficult recruitment process.  This could prove helpful especially if it is your first interview or you just need extra help.  You should use this form to boost your confidence in order to increase your chances of having a successful interview.  The questions and answers are not exhaustive but are meant to give you a general idea about the possible questions you could be asked during the interview process.  They are meant to offer help although you will need to provide your own answers.

Name:     Jane Austen

Address:  27 Riverside Drive

Tel: 123456

Mobile:   789123

Email: jane@youremail.com

Position applying for: Head of Communication

Department: Communication

Date of application: 12th June 2010

Describe your educational background: Master of Arts in Corporate Communication

University of Minnesota

List your skills and experience that make you the most suitable for this job:

I was Head of Communication at Selfridges for a period of 7 years and I was able to come up with a communication strategy that helped turn around the company into a profit making company.

Give details of your last employment:

I resigned after having worked there for a period of 7 years.

Reasons for leaving:

I felt that I had achieved all that I could at the company and I needed a new challenge.

Why do you want this job?

It offers the challenge I am looking for and I am the best for the job.

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