Employment Law Questionnaire

An employment law questionnaire is a specific type of document which is made to get a check of the awareness about employment law. The general population is tested by the way of the questionnaire and the estimates are made so as to assess the level of awareness and sense of fairness people have in reference to the employment law. The questions test the knowledge of basic laws that everyone should be aware of.

Sample Employment Law Questionnaire

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Answer the following questions:


1. What is the job title/ position at which you are employed? Give a brief description of the task and duties etc. that you have to perform at the position.



2. Would you say that you have sufficient knowledge about the employment laws established in your state? If yes give a brief overview of the laws that you are aware of.



3. Are you aware of the implications of child labor? Do you believe that the laws and legislations in place to curb/ control it are useful or have sufficient impact?



4. Give a brief of the retirement laws that have been placed by your state government for the benefit of the senior citizens.



5. Do you believe that these laws serve the purpose and are sufficient to deal with any situation that may arise?



6. Do you know about the minimum wage laws that are placed by the government? If yes then give a brief description. Also specify in brief whether you feel that the laws are fair in today’s world.



7. Do you believe the medical and insurance laws from the employee point of view are fair and sufficient?



8. Do you believe that the employment insurance scheme set by the government is beneficial?



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