Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

An employee satisfaction questionnaire is useful for organizations to establish the opinion of their employees in relation to the organization’s policies and the organization in general. Employees are always advised to give their answers accurately and openly since their answers are used to make improvements to policies that employees find dissatisfactory.

Sample Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

For each of the statements below state whether you

Strongly disagree


Agree or

Strongly agree

I understand the long term strategy of the company _________________

I can share my opinions and suggestions in this organization ___________

My supervisor has strong human relations _________________________

I like the work I do ______________

The communication channels in this organization are effective and accurate _______________

All departments in this organization co-operate ____________________

My accomplishments and good work are recognized by the organization ________________

I set goals and objectives when performing tasks allocated to me ________________

Your job is very important to you _________________________

You have job security in this organization __________________________________

Training and development provided in this organization is valuable ____________

I have enough freedom and authority to carry out my job tasks ____________

I am satisfied with the spirit of cooperation in the organization ______________

You have good relations with your immediate supervisor ___________________

Employees in this organization are treated well and respected ________________

You are satisfied with your pay package __________________

What other benefits would you like to be added to your pay? ______________________________________________________________

What more can the company do to increase your satisfaction as an employee? _______________________________________________________________

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