Employee Reference Letter Questionnaire

An employee reference letter questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which is answered by someone who is referring an employee for a particular job position in a company. The letter is used by the person to speak about the candidate and explain why he/she is the right choice for the job. These questionnaires help people give unbiased reference and make suggestions in the correct manner. A sample of an employee reference letter questionnaire is given below:

Sample Employee Reference Letter Questionnaire:

Name of the respondent:


Relation to the referred employee:

Name of employee:

Years of association with employee:

Which position in the company are you referring the employee for?

Please fill in the answers to all the questions that have been given below in the provided spaces:

  1. How did you come in contact of the referred employee?

a)      Through the job

b)      Through a recommendation

c)      Through a colleague

d)     Other(please specify)

  1. In your years of association with the employee, which skills of him/her did you think were the most remarkable or noteworthy?


  1. How would you rate the employee on a scale of 10 as far as combination of skills is concerned?


  1. Would you call the employee rightly educated for this job position?

a)      Yes, definitely

b)      Yes, I think so

c)      No, not really


  1. Do you think that the employee possesses the right amount of experience for this job? If yes, state why?


  1. If you were to point out, which do you think is the most negative point about the employee?



  1. State 2 reasons why we should hire him/her and how he/she will add to our firm?


  1. Would you personally take guarantee of the employee’s performance?


a)      Yes, ofcourse

b)      No, I wouldn’t


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